Old Lyme School Calendar 2025-2026

Looking for information about the Old Lyme School calendar for the 2025-2026 academic year? You’ve come to the right place! Planning ahead for the upcoming school year is essential for parents, students, and educators alike. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with all the important dates and events to mark on your calendar, from the first day of school to holidays and breaks. Stay tuned to ensure you’re well-prepared for the exciting year ahead at Old Lyme School.

Board Of Education Accepts Proposed Lyme-old Lyme School Budget

In an important development for the Old Lyme School community, the Board of Education has officially accepted the proposed school budget for the upcoming academic year. This decision marks a significant step forward in ensuring that the school has the necessary resources to provide high-quality education and support for its students. With the budget now approved, the school can move forward with confidence in planning for the 2025-2026 academic year. This news is sure to be welcomed by parents, students, and faculty alike, as it sets the stage for another successful year of learning and growth at Old Lyme School.

Board of education accepts proposed lyme-old lyme school budget


Lyme-old Lyme High School Hosting Open House For Prospective Students

Old Lyme High School is excited to announce that it will be hosting an open house for prospective students as part of the upcoming school year’s calendar. This event is a great opportunity for students and their families to explore the school’s facilities, meet faculty and staff, and learn more about the academic and extracurricular opportunities available at Old Lyme High School. Prospective students will have the chance to get a firsthand look at the school’s vibrant community and welcoming atmosphere. The open house is a fantastic way for students to envision themselves as part of the Old Lyme High School family and to start their journey towards a successful and fulfilling high school experience.

Lyme-old lyme high school hosting open house for prospective students


Lyme-old Lyme High School Ranked 17th In Connecticut In Us News & World

Old Lyme High School has recently been recognized for its academic excellence, as it was ranked 17th in Connecticut by US News & World Report. This is a testament to the school’s commitment to providing a high-quality education to its students. With a focus on rigorous academics and a supportive learning environment, Old Lyme High School continues to prepare its students for success in college and beyond. This recognition is a source of pride for the school community and reflects the dedication of the faculty, staff, and students. As we look ahead to the Old Lyme School Calendar for 2025-2026, we can expect an enriching and engaging educational experience for all students at Old Lyme High School.

Lyme-old lyme high school ranked 17th in connecticut in us news & world


Lyle Public School District Calendar 2024

The Lyle public school district calendar for 2024 is an important resource for parents, students, and staff to stay informed about key dates and events throughout the academic year. It outlines the start and end dates for each term, holidays, professional development days, and other important school activities. By referencing the calendar, families can plan vacations, schedule appointments, and ensure students are prepared for upcoming exams and projects. Additionally, the calendar may also include information about extracurricular activities, sports events, and special school-wide initiatives. It serves as a valuable tool for keeping the school community organized and engaged in the educational process.

Lyle public school district calendar 2024


Despite The Changes, Lyme-old Lyme Students Say They Are Glad To Be Back

Despite the changes, students at Lyme-Old Lyme are expressing their excitement about returning to school. The Old Lyme School Calendar for 2025-2026 is eagerly awaited by students who are looking forward to being back in the classroom. The sense of community and the opportunity to reconnect with friends and teachers have left the students feeling glad and eager to resume their academic journey. The upcoming school year holds promise for new experiences, learning opportunities, and a chance to create lasting memories.

Despite the changes, lyme-old lyme students say they are glad to be back


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